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Nothing compares to the crisp purity of linen, which is why we chose this beautiful fabric for these custom tablecloths. Made from European flax, woven in Italy and carrying the Masters of Linen Certification mark of excellence, they are of the finest possible quality. 
Our custom made tablecloths offer you a wealth of choice in terms of shape and color. We have square and rectangular designs finished with a hemstitched folded border, and round designs finished with a simple stitch. Colors range from classic to contemporary and elegant to eye-catching. All are made to last and designed to become a piece you are proud to showcase on your kitchen or dining table. 
Timeless and exquisitely crafted, our pure linen tablecloths can be used every day or saved for special occasions. The tasteful design will never date yet remains fashionable and is a reflection of your desire for the finer things in life.
  • Fabric: 100% Linen.
  • Size: Custom.
  • Shape: Square, round or rectangular.
  • Care: Machine wash at 104 F.
  • Additional items available: Napkins.

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