Decorative trim (edging/ piping) on the fold-down portion of a flat sheet or pillow case.
Type of, usually, thick quilt, also referred to as a duvet, filled with natural (e.g. down) or synthetic (e.g. polyester) insulation material and generally rectangular in shape.
comforter cover
Large cover with flap, button or zipper closure, protects your comforter. Also referred to as a duvet cover.
Contrasting band or border at the edge of a pillow case or top sheet.
Type of, usually, thick quilt, also referred to as a comforter or duvet insert; filled with natural (e.g. down) or synthetic (e.g. polyester) insulation material and generally rectangular in shape. A duvet is covered with a protective, removable case, called a duvet cover.
duvet cover
Large fabric bag/case with flap, button or zipper closure. A duvet cover protects your duvet insert, just like a pillow case protects your pillow. A duvet cover is removable and washable.
duvet cover set
Our sets contain one duvet cover and 1 or 2 pillow cases. A duvet cover is a protective case for your duvet insert. The inserts (duvet and pillows) are not included in a duvet cover set.
housewife pillow case
Standard style, removable pillow cover with an opening on one side. Our pillow cases with decorative overlock stitching have a flap inside to hold pillows in place/ prevent pillows from sliding out.
oxford pillow case
Pillow case with flange of about 5 cm at 3 or 4 sides for more luxury. If you prefer this type of pillow case, please feel free to contact us.
cuffed flat sheet
Sheet with (usually contrasting) band/ border.
European pillow case
A large, square pillow case measuring 26"x 26" (65 x 65 cm), often referred to as a 'Euro'. It is most often placed directly on the headboard and behind the standard pillows for decoration and comfort.
fitted sheet
Bottom sheet with elastic. Quality fitted sheets, like our fitted sheets, have elastic all the way around.
Decorative band of straight fabric of about 3" at three or four sides of a pillowcase or pillow sham, creating a tailored look.
flat sheet
Top sheet, usually tucked around the mattress at the sides and bottom. Sometimes they are also used as bottom sheet.
The overlocked edge of a piece of cloth (e.g. a plain flat sheet).
king pillow
Larger size pillow (appr. 20" x 36")
mattress pad
Protects the mattress, adds extra cushioning and support.
mattress protector
They go over the mattress and under the fitted sheet and come in a variety of thicknesses. When ordering a fitted/ bottom sheet, don't forget to also take into account the thickness of your matress pad or topper.
A densely woven, crisp fabric with a thread count of at least 180. The term percale refers to the weave of the fabric and has nothing to do with the materials used; percale can be 100% cotton, 50% polyester and 50% cotton, or any other blend. A percale weave is noticeably tighter compared to the standard type of weave used for bed sheets. Percale is one of the best, high quality sheeting available.
pillow protector
Plain, removable cover used underneath a pillowcase. Made of a durable, thick fabric, usually zippered. It protects your pillow from dust, dirt and body oils.
pillow case
Our pillow cases are removable covers with an opening on one side. They have a flap inside to hold pillows in place. The edging of all our pillowcases is embroidered around the opening with a stitch (filled with a narrow corded centre) in contrasting color to the fabric. Our baby and toddler pillowcases have a contrasting border of about 2.5".
pillow sham
Decorative pillow cover with a slit in the back to insert a pillow. They are frequently ruffled or flanged around all four edges. Shams are used as extra pillows on beds.
Decorative slim band of folded fabric, usually used to trim seams or edges. It can be filled with a narrow corded centre, but is usually unfilled for sheet headers or other trimming effects.
sheet set
Set containing fitted (bottom) sheet, flat (top) sheet and 1 or 2 pillow cases.
The contraction of a fiber, yarn or fabric after washing and drying. Most products made of natural fibers will shrink approximately 2 to 6%. Therefore bed linen is made oversized to allow this shrinkage to occur and the bedding to fit after the first washings. This explains why bedding is larger than the size ordered when it first comes out of the packaging.
Sample, piece of fabric; fabric cut.
thread count
The actual number of threads going in either direction in one square cm or one square inch of fabric. The softness of a fabric depends more on the quality of the fiber. A 200 thread count fabric can have a softer feel than a tightly woven 500 thread count fabric.

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