Custom duvet covers

Custom Bedding offers a unique tool to create the duvet covers you have always desired, by choosing the combination of colors and sizes that fit perfectly to your tastes and your needs.

Hundreds of possible combinations, customization and quality at the highest levels, are just some of the characteristics of Custom Bedding’s products.

Personalised duvet covers that fit to all bed sizes

First choose the type of fabric for your custom duvet cover; 100% cotton percale or cotton sateen duvet cover set.

Custom bedding allows you within minutes to create duvet covers that best suit your needs through four simple steps:

1) Choose two colors in order to create a unique color combination

Once you choose the type of duvet cover you will be guided to the customization page of the product. Under the image of the duvet cover you will see a panel with the available colors , where you can choose the perfect combination with a simple click. You can have fun trying the hundreds of color combinations for your duvet cover.

Made to measure duvet cover

2) Choose the sizes of your duvet cover and pillowcases

Click on "Choose Size" to select your size from a list of standard sizes most common for bedding in the selected country, or make your own custom duvet cover set by filling in your own dimensions.

Made to measure duvet cover

3) Decide whether you would like to complete your duvet cover set by adding extra pillowcases or fitted sheets

By clicking on "additional items" you can complete your order by adding extra pillowcases or fitted sheets to your sheet set. This step is optional.

Made to measure duvet cover

4) Choose the quantity of duvet cover sets and add to the shopping bag

Choose the quantity of duvet cover sets you would like to order and click "add to shopping bag". Now you can decide whether you would like to add another product or proceed to checkout and complete your order.

Made to measure duvet cover

What else there is to know…

Our fabrics are 100% Cotton Percale and Pure Cotton Sateen

100% Cotton Percale

Our products are made of high-quality 100% cotton percale woven with 200 threads. This fabric is perfect for bed linen: 100% cotton percale is made of natural fibres which produce a comfortable, fresh fabric that allows the body to breathe in contrast to polycottons and other blends. Percale bedding is the finest available. The high thread count gives the fabric a soft and smooth feel which increases after each wash.

Pure Cotton Sateen

Cotton sateen is made by using a special weaving process which gives the fabric a satin-like finish. The pure cotton sateen fabric we use for our exclusive bedding is an Italian fabric; woven, dyed and finished by Gruppo Martinelli Ginetto, a manufacturing company based in Northern Italy. This company is well known for its outstanding quality fabrics. The fabric is a 100% cotton fabric with a high thread count (300), ideal to produce luxurious sheeting with a soft and smooth feel.

The fabrics we use have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental certificate and meet the ecological requirements of the existing European legislation regarding the use of azo-dyes, ensuring that no noxious chemicals were used manufacturing the textiles.


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