Custom Size Bed Sheets: Pick the Best Options


Explore a variety of colors and sizes to create your perfect set of custom sheets. The custom size sheets are a great match to any bed – for your home, for hotel beds, boats, yachts, RVs & campers.

Custom Size Bed Sheets

Enjoy High-Quality Custom Made Sheets

Have you ever wondered how to find the best bedding? With customized sheets, you can get the right mix of high-quality fabrics and long-lasting colors.

Choose high-quality bed linens for a luxurious touch to your bedroom. When it comes to fabrics, supima cotton is an excellent choice. If you compare it to any other regular cotton sheets, you would see it is much softer. Moreover, supima cotton bedding endures multiple washes. Follow the washing instructions to keep your custom bed sheets as good as new for a long time.

Have a look at the thread count (TC). Starting from 400 TC and above, know that the quality of your custom size sheets would be great. Usually, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets will be. If you are looking for that soft touch, know that the cotton percale is more light and crisp, while sateen ensures smoothness. Whatever your personal taste is, you can find custom bedsheets to match your preferences.

All Custom Bedding fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that the special size sheets you order are entirely free from harmful chemicals. It is worth checking this label when buying bedding as it guarantees it is safe and suitable for the whole family.

Custom Sheets Made to Fit Your Bed

Do your sheets fit your bed? Opting for the right size of custom bed sheets is essential, so use the measuring guide to make sure you are doing it right. You would need to measure the length, width, and depth of your mattress. It is up to your taste how much you would like the top sheet or duvet cover to hang. Keep in mind that the measurements for fitted and flat custom sheets differ.

You can order a full custom size bedding set with all types of linen included: pillowcases, top sheet, fitted sheet, and a duvet cover. If needed, you can go for any extra sheets in your set. You would no longer struggle with bedding that comes off your bed. And you would have a supply of fresh custom sized sheets between the washes.

4-Step Custom Bedsheet Maker

The online ordering tool helps you order your custom size sheets in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose the color of the top sheet and the fitted sheet
  2. Enter the bedding size
  3. Pick additional products
  4. Select the number of custom sheet sets to order

The tool won’t accept both width and length of over 116" by design. The maximum size for both the cotton percale and cotton sateen bedding is 116". This means that the width of your custom size duvet cover or oversized flat sheet can spread to 150+ inches, its maximum length however can't be over 116". These dimensions have an input limit to show the maximum size of a customized sheet with no extra seams. If you need custom size sheets for an extra large bed, send us an inquiry.

For any additional questions or concerns regarding special size sheets, visit our FAQ page or Contact Us directly.

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