Discover the Perfect Flat Sheet for Your Bed


When shopping for flat sheets you will find many ready made products. The choice can be overwhelming unless you go for a custom flat sheet. Here at Custom Bedding you can select a custom size for your bed linen and experiment with different fabrics and colors till you get the best match for your bedroom.

Discover the Perfect Flat Sheet for Your Bed

What’s the Difference: Flat Sheet vs Fitted Sheet

There are usually a few different pieces in a complete bedding set, including a flat sheet (top sheet) and a fitted sheet (bottom sheet). While the fitted sheet covers the mattress of your bed, the flat one goes under your blanket. Also, when it comes to bed sheet sizes, the dimensions for a top sheet can be totally up to your preference. The size of your bed determines how large the bottom sheets need to be.

Even if some may consider flat bed sheets simply as an extra layer, most families cannot deny that they reduce the need to wash blankets or duvets too often. Cannot sleep without a top sheet? Not only it protects the blanket, but also feels good to snuggle under. Also, If you don’t need a whole set, you can always look for a flat sheet only.

Supima Cotton Flat Sheets with Premium Quality

Flat sheets made of supima cotton are one of the top bed linen products you could find. This type of cotton is woven with long fibers making it extremely soft and delicate. Egyptian cotton flat sheets start with a thread count of 400 and above in our deluxe selection.

Looking for white flat sheets? Or you prefer to dream in color? Have a look at the variety of vibrant solid colors available. All our fabrics hold Oeko-Tex certification, which guarantees that their dyeing goes without any harmful chemicals. Moreover, by washing your custom bed sheets it only gets softer. Check the washing instructions to keep your custom sheets as fresh as new. With proper care, even dark-colored linen will last for a long time.

You can choose your new flat sheet between two high-quality fabrics: cotton percale and cotton sateen. But which one is better? Custom bedding made of cotton percale is very light, crisp and breathable. It is perfect for all year round but feels even better for a goodnight's sleep on those warmer nights. Flat sheets of cotton sateen have a silkier look. They are a good fit for aesthetes who want to add a luxurious touch to their bedroom.

Order the Right Size Custom Flat Sheet

The right size for your flat sheet depends on two factors. First, the size of your bed matters. And then, it is all about style and a point of view. Would you like your flat sheet to match the size of your blanket? Would you rather have it drape all the way to the floor? You have to decide about the desired width and length and enter the numbers in the online ordering tool. Check the measuring guide for more details on getting the right size for your bedding.

If you are searching for round bed sheets, we got you covered. Many of our clients shop for oversized bed sheets that do not fall between the standards. You can order a flat sheet for an odd-sized bed that is circular, oval, or square.

Bear in mind that the online ordering tool has a set limit for bedding sizes by design. If for some reason, it won’t accept the custom number you enter, contact us to order your extra large bedding. Get your custom flat sheet now.

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