Fabric and Colors


100% Cotton Percale (200 TC, 400 TC, 500 TC, 600 TC)

Our products are made of high-quality 100% cotton percale, woven with 200, 400, 500 and 600 threads. This fabric is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed sheets. It is perfect for bed linen: 100% cotton percale is made of natural fibres which produce a comfortable, crisp and fresh fabric that allows the body to breathe in contrast to polycottons and other blends. Percale bedding is the finest available. The high thread count gives the fabric a soft and smooth feel which increases after each wash.

Pure Cotton Sateen (300 TC, 600 TC)

Cotton sateen is made by using a special weaving process which gives the fabric a satin-like finish. The pure cotton sateen fabrics we use for our exclusive bedding are  Italian fabrics; woven, dyed and finished by Gruppo Martinelli Ginetto, a manufacturing company based in Northern Italy. Italian weavers are known for their weaving methods and looms that are incomparable with any other country in the world. Martinelli Ginetto is well known for its outstanding quality fabrics and supplier to renowned brands like Flou, Etro, Frette, Calvin Klein, Liu-Jo, Ralph Lauren e.a.. The 100% cotton sateen fabric is available in two different thread counts: 300 and 600. These fabrics are  ideal to produce luxurious sheeting with a soft and smooth feel.

Printed Cotton Sateen (300 TC)

These 100% cotton digitally printed fabrics with a satin-like finish are made in Italy. The cloth with a high thread count (300) is ideal to produce luxurious duvet and comforter covers with a soft and smooth feel.

Oeko-Tex Certificate

The fabrics we use have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental certificate and meet the ecological requirements of the existing European legislation regarding the use of azo-dyes, ensuring that no noxious chemicals were used manufacturing the textiles.


Our fabrics come in a large variety of trendy colors for amazing mix-and-match possibilities.

Colors available in cotton percale: 

200 TC - White, ivory, ecru, warm grey, light blue, dark blue, grey, pink, fuchsia, lavender, red, aubergine, misty sage, burgundy, bright yellow, mustard yellow, sand, taupe, rose taupe, dark brown, light sage, black.

400 TC and 600 TC - White and ivory.

500 TC - White, ivory, ecru, light lilac, pink, burgundy, aubergine, navy blue, light blue, taupe, pearl gray, dark gray, black, hazelnut, dark brown, camel, melba, igt sage.

Colors available in cotton sateen:

300 TC - White, offwhite, ivory, ecru, light lilac, pink, burgundy, aubergine, sage, aqua green, tiffany blue, burnt orange, navy blue, medium blue, taupe, pearl gray, dark gray, black, hazelnut, dark brown, camel, vibrant sage, mustard, blue black, rose taupe, light gold, misty sage, raspberry, light sage, teal.

600 TC - White, offwhite, ivory, aubergine, taupe, pearl grey, dark grey, camel, teal.



Color Reproduction

Every reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the colors featured on our website are described and displayed to the best of our ability (and are displayed in a manner that is true to life), but please bear in mind that limitations of virtual/ digital color reproduction, the individual color settings of your screen, monitor quality (especially of laptops!), viewing angle and even viewing environment (e.g. daylight, white or yellow lamps in your room) may result in variation between the colors that you see and the actual fabrics. We cannot therefore accept responsibility for variations in color shades between the actual product and your computer screen.


We produce high quality products made of excellent fabrics. Therefore all textiles are tested for colorfastness and shrinkage before we put them into production.


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