Bed Sheet Fabrics & Colors – All You Need to Know

When it comes to finding the perfect bedding, there are lots of factors to consider. You want them to be the right size, which is fundamental, but what the bed sheets are made of is also a determining factor.

To make all our custom bed sheets, we only use the highest quality Oeko Tex certified cotton. Not only are our custom bed sheets cool, crisp, and elegant – you can be confident the bed sheet fabric types we use are free from hazardous chemicals.

Custom Bedding Fabric Types

We use only the highest quality, 100% Oeko Tex certified cotton in our range of bedding. Understanding the different bedding fabric types allows you to choose the bedding which best fits your needs. It also ensures you know how to wash your custom bedding correctly.

100% Cotton Percale (200 Thread Count)

Cotton percale sheets are breathable and made from 100% regular cotton. It is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave you find used for bed sheets generally, but it’s perfect for bed linen fabric.

The cotton percale we use is made using natural fibers. These natural fibers produce a fabric that is comfortable, crisp, and fresh. At the same time, it allows your body to breathe. This quality is in stark contrast to manmade fibers such as polycottons and other blends.

Thread count is a term that refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. A 200 thread count (TC) should have 100 threads woven horizontally and 100 threads woven vertically. A 200 sheet thread count means your bedding will be lightweight and crisp but still have you sleeping in heaven.

If you prefer more luxurious bedding, we also offer 400 TC, 500 TC, and 600 TC cotton percale. The higher the thread count, the softer and smoother the feel. Subsequent washes will increase the softness and smoothness of the bed sheet fabric texture.

Percale supima cotton (400 TC and above)

Grown in the USA, supima cotton stands out as an exceptional variety, comprising less than 1% of the world's cotton production. The uniqueness of supima lies in its extra-long staple fibers, which endow it with superior qualities such as enhanced strength, exceptional softness, and excellent color retention. These features make it an excellent choice for any high-style master bedroom. However, it also offers crisp, lightweight, and breathable features that many sleepers prefer.

Supima cotton sheets tend to have a higher thread count, typically 400 TC and above. This means that our custom bed sheets are of the highest quality, partly due to the extra length of the staples. Staples is the word used to describe the length of the cotton fibers. Longer staples indicate longer threads and stronger, more durable fibers.

Cotton Sateen: Plain and Printed (300TC, 600TC)

Cotton sateen is made using a unique weaving process. This process gives the fabric a satin-like finish. It is more tightly woven than percale and has more yarn surface on the face of the fabric than other basic weaves. This feature gives it a softer and more lustrous look. This luxurious, shiny look lends itself well to both patterned and solid color duvet covers.

The pure cotton sateen fabrics are imported from Italy, where they are dyed and/or finished by a textile company based in Toscana. Italian textile companies have a reputation for using finishing methods and equipment that are incomparable to any other country in the world.

The 100% cotton sateen we use, is perfect for producing our luxurious custom sheeting and is available in two different thread counts: 300 TC prima and 600 TC supima.

Difference supima cotton and Egyptian cotton

Supima cotton, known for being premium and extra-long staple, is distinctively high-quality. In contrast, Egyptian cotton primarily indicates the geographical origin and doesn't necessarily denote quality. While a small portion of Egyptian cotton is extra-long staple, most of it falls under long-staple or standard cotton varieties.

Bed Sheet Color Guide

Our high-quality Oeko Tex certified cotton fabrics are available in a wide range of trendy colors. The bed sheet color combinations and mix-and-match possibilities are endless, whether you’re looking for custom bed sheets, custom duvet covers for your master bedroom, or custom children’s sheets.

Cotton Percale Bedding Colors

200 TC - white, ivory, ecru, warm grey, light blue, dark blue, grey, pink, fuchsia, lavender, red, aubergine, misty sage, burgundy, bright yellow, mustard yellow, sand, taupe, rose taupe, dark brown, light sage, black.

400 TC and 600 TC - White and ivory (new colors are added soon).

500 TC - white, ivory, ecru, light lilac, pink, navy blue, light blue, taupe, pearl gray, dark gray, black, hazelnut, dark brown, mocca, light sage.

Cotton Sateen Bedding Colors

300 TC - White, offwhite, ivory, ecru, light lilac, pink, burgundy, aubergine, sage, aqua green, tiffany blue, burnt orange, navy blue, medium blue, taupe, pearl gray, dark gray, black, hazelnut, dark brown, camel, vibrant sage, mustard, blue-black, rose taupe, light gold, misty sage, raspberry, light sage, teal.

600 TC - White, offwhite, ivory, aubergine, taupe, pearl grey, dark grey, camel.

If you want to know more about our luxurious custom bedding, you’ll find the answers on our FAQ page.

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