Custom Tablecloths: Explore All Fabrics, Sizes, and Colors

Are you looking for a stylish tablecloth? You can now turn any breakfast, lunch, or dinner into a special event with a custom tablecloth. Check all the different fabrics, prints, and colors to create the perfect custom size table cover. Our wide range of custom made table linen is suitable for homes, hotels, event halls, and even open-door settings.

Custom Tablecloths

Custom Table Covers of Premium Quality

If you love high-quality fabrics, you would love Custom Bedding’s tablecloths, too. Whether you would choose a custom size damask cloth of linen or cotton, you would get a top-quality product.

Custom Size Tablecloths of Cotton Damask and Linen Damask

Many designers fancy the customized damask tablecloths made of cotton or linen. Both types are produced through a special process that gives the fabric an extraordinary finishing. Renowned manufacturing companies create these masterpieces focusing on the careful selection of premium fabrics in combination with meticulous processing techniques.

As a result, the custom made damask tablecloths are original products of the finest manufacture, customized and tested directly on any surface. The chic designs create a classy, upscale look that will effortlessly complement any interior. These are pieces to be treasured and adored for years to come.

Custom Size Hemp Linen and Washed Linen Tablecloths

Homeowners, hotel owners, and event planners often prefer custom size tablecloths of linen or washed linen. The ‘Masters of Linen’ certification all our custom linen table covers hold is a sign of excellence. You would find that such tablecloths are fresh and, at the same time, soft and durable. The stylish fabrics are pleasant to touch as they do not cause any allergies. What’s more, the customized linen tablecloths are made of a fabric composed of 70% cellulose, which is purely natural. They are reliable, resistant to tearing, and can not wear off quickly. Also, they hardly lose shape because the fabric is tensely rigid.

The custom tablecloths of hemp linen possess anti-static properties and absorb moisture. This is why they are ideal to use during meals, and after that, you can quickly wash them and dry. To keep your custom size tablecloth as good as new for long, follow the washing instructions.

How Much Should a Custom Tablecloth Hang Over the Table?

Personal taste and the type of occasion usually dictate the drop length of a custom size tablecloth. For more formal events, such as anniversaries and weddings, the fabric could extend to the floor to create a more festive setting. If you’re buying a custom table cover for your home, then it is totally up to your preference how much you wish for it to drop.

Taking the right measurements is essential before ordering your new custom tablecloth. Start with measuring the table. What form does it have? The best thing about custom size table covers is that they are made to fit any table: rectangular, square, oval, and circle.

For rectangular tables, measure the width and height and decide how long you want the tablecloth to hang. Then add twice the desired drop at each side. For example, if your table is 40" x 80" and you want a 12" drop, the desired size of the custom table cloth would be 64" x 104". For full instructions, check the measuring guide.

What Color Custom Tablecloth Should I Choose?

Check out the great variety of solid colors and printed designs of Custom Bedding’s tablecloths to make the best choice. Generally, plain white and ivory will give a more formal look to any table. You can discover the beautiful tones of limestone, cream, and sand in the same color palette for damask patterns. Custom size linen table covers offer taupe and natural colors.

If you want to add a colorful accent, then go for a custom table cover of solid color. Would you like a light or dark shade of the tablecloth? You can have any. You might as well want to use the option to order a set of napkins to match the desired color of your new tablecloth. The online ordering tool can help you place your order easily and quickly. Get set for stylish dining at home or the upcoming fabulous event.

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