Deep Pocket Sheets

Today, the way we sleep is part of our lifestyle. A simple plain bed just will not do. We add memory foam toppers and down and feather filled mattress pads to create luxurious Shangri-Las for our time we spend asleep. In creating our sleeping wonderlands our mattresses become deeper and a standard bedsheet won’t do. At Aletta Smit we give you the opportunity to create fitted sheets to the exact measurements of your mattress. Luxury is our goal, so not only do we provide bespoke bed linens to fit the shape and size of your mattress, we offer superior quality.

Deep Pocket Sheets and Extra Deep Pocket Sheets

We are excited to be able to offer you custom made to measure deep pocket sheets and extra deep pocket sheets. Here you are able to choose the depth, size and color to fit your mattress and décor. Whatever your style we have fabrics for you to choose from; 100% cotton Percale and pure cotton Sateen. Quality, luxury, price, that is what Aletta Smit offers you.

Easy, Carefree Shopping

Your shopping experience is important to us. We have created an easy 3 step solution to help you with your purchase. No matter how deep, wide or the length of your bed, we have what you are looking for. For deep fitted sheets and extra deep fitted sheets this is the place to shop…

How to create your own deep and extra deep pocket sheets

First choose the product you would like to order from the main menu. That could be a custom percale fitted sheet or a custom cotton sateen fitted sheet.

Made to Measure Fitted Sheet Made to Measure Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet

1) Choose the color of your fitted sheet

Here is where you select the color that fits your décor. Once you have made your selection the color will be highlighted so you can decide if it is right for you or if you would like to try another hue.

Made to Measure Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet


2) Choose the sizes and make the sheet deep or extra deep

In the table you will see standard sizes. In the case of deep pocket and extra deep pocket you are given the opportunity to insert the correct size of your mattress. Keep in mind that the fabrics we use have a maximum width of 116". If in doubt read our Measurement Guide.

Made to Measure Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet

3) Proceed With Purchase

After you have made your selection of color and size you can proceed with your purchase or continue shopping. 1, 2, 3 easy!

Made to Measure Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet

Other Useful Information

All fabrics are made from 100% pure cotton and is the finest available. For more information about our custom-bedding products visit our FAQs pageMeasurement Guide and Washing and Care Guide.

100% Cotton Percale

Our products are made of high-quality 100% cotton percale woven with 200, 400, 500 or 600 threads. This fabric is perfect for bed linen: 100% cotton percale is made of natural fibres which produce a comfortable, fresh fabric that allows the body to breathe in contrast to polycottons and other blends. Percale bedding is the finest available. The high thread count gives the fabric a soft and smooth feel which increases after each wash.

Pure Cotton Sateen

Cotton sateen is made by using a special weaving process which gives the fabric a satin-like finish. The pure cotton sateen fabrics we use for our exclusive bedding are Italian fabrics; woven, dyed and finished by Gruppo Martinelli Ginetto, a manufacturing company based in Northern Italy. This company is well known for its outstanding quality fabrics. The fabric is a 100% cotton fabric with a 300 or 600 thread count, ideal to produce luxurious sheeting with a soft and smooth feel.

The fabrics we use have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental certificate and meet the ecological requirements of the existing European legislation regarding the use of azo-dyes, ensuring that no noxious chemicals were used manufacturing the textiles.


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