Order Custom Linen Tablecloths in All Shapes and Sizes


If you want to add a unique element of style to your table, custom made table linen does it better than anything else. Our custom tablecloths are available in a wide range of shapes, fabrics, and colors, so you’re able to get the perfect fit.

Whether you want custom linen round tablecloths, a rectangular, or a square linen tablecloth, we’ve got a color that will compliment your decor.

Custom linen tablecloth finishes include a simple stitch or a hemstitched folded border. All our custom table linens are made to last and beautifully designed to flatter your dining or kitchen table.

You can use our custom size linen tablecloths for any occasion, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their tasteful design will never go out of fashion and is a true reflection of your love of the finer things of life.     

Linen Tablecloths Fabrics and Styles

The custom made linen tablecloths we offer are perfect for homeowners, hotel owners, and even event planners. You know you’re getting the best quality product when you buy our custom table linen because they have been ‘Masters of Linen’ certified.

Linen is an excellent material for a tablecloth because of its natural beauty and versatility. Linen fibers come from the flax plant, and this material is well-loved for its natural origins, strength, softness, and durability. It’s also well-known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Various types of custom linen tablecloths are available:

  1. Classic Linen Tablecloths: Our classic linen tablecloths are made from European flax that has been woven in Italy.
  2. Washed Linen Tablecloths: A washed linen tablecloth has been washed to make the fibers as soft as possible and prevent further shrinkage.
  3. Tablecloths of Linen Damask: This fabric is woven on a jacquard loom, using a mix of plain and satin weaves. It has a smooth texture with a reversible pattern.

To prevent further shrinkage of your custom linen tablecloth, make sure you follow our washing instructions.

Available Colors for Custom Linen Tablecloths

Think that a white linen tablecloth is your only option? You have an exciting range of colors to choose from, ranging from contemporary or classic to elegant or eye-catching. Some of the top picks include:

  • Black linen tablecloth
  • Gray linen tablecloth
  • Red linen tablecloth
  • Ivory linen tablecloth
  • Purple (aubergine) linen tablecloth

If you want a more colorful choice, why not consider one of our printed designs for tablecloths

Pick the Right Size of Your New Linen Tablecloth

We can provide various sizes, and you just need to enter the size that corresponds to your table. Every table is different, which is why we’ve included a measuring guide for tablecloths on our website.

To measure for a 90 inch round linen tablecloth, you first have to decide on the amount of drop. Then take the desired amount of drop, multiply it by two, and add that amount of drop to the table’s diameter.

If you want to know more or place an order, contact us today

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