Browse a Variety of Oversized Tablecloths

Whether you’re looking for an elegant damask tablecloth for your dinner party, a simple solid tablecloth that coordinates with your everyday dinnerware, or a fun pattern or check for an outdoor barbeque, having the right oversized tablecloths will help to make an impact and set the scene for whatever meal you’re serving.

If you want a large rectangular or extra-long tablecloth, a large white cotton tablecloth, or any other shape, size, or color, we’ve got something in our large and extra-large tablecloths range that will suit your needs. Choose one of our custom tablecloths and take your dining experience to a new level.

Extra Long Tablecloths in Different Styles

Make your tablecloth a talking point at your next dinner party by choosing one of our large tablecloths. We have a range of large tablecloth sizes, colors, and styles.

Large Linen Tablecloths

Hemp linen and washed linen tablecloths are stylish yet durable and soft to the touch. Hotel owners and event planners worldwide prefer this type of fabric because it is natural, resistant to tearing, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. Hemp linen is also a fabric that possesses anti-static properties and absorbs moisture. Our range includes:

Large Damask Tablecloths

A popular choice for many is a large damask tablecloth. Both cotton damask and linen damask are preferred because the fabric has an exceptional finish. We can make extra long tablecloths that bring a classy and upscale look to any table and event.

Top Color Picks for Large Tablecloths

Here at Custom Bedding, we offer customers a great variety of solid colors and printed designs for their tablecloths.

If you want to bring a more formal look to your table, a natural, ivory, or large white rectangle tablecloth will be the better choice.

If you want to add a colorful accent, consider one of the following:

  • Large red rectangular tablecloth
  • Taupe tablecloth
  • Large grey tablecloth
  • Bluish gray tablecloth
  • Limestone tablecloth
  • Navy blue
  • Large black tablecloth
  • Colorful prints

We use the finest fabrics for our tablecloth range. Our hemp linen and washed linen tablecloths, for example, are made using fabric that is certified by “Masters of Linen.”  This certification is a sign of excellence, and you can be confident that your tablecloth will be durable. As long as you follow our washing instructions, the tablecloth will also retain its shape and keep its color.

Order the Right Large Tablecloth Size

The type of occasion you’re using your tablecloth for will dictate the drop of your custom size tablecloth. For more formal events, such as a wedding or anniversary, it is usual for the tablecloth to fall to the floor. If your custom tablecloth is for your home, the drop length is more of a personal preference.

You must take the right measurements before ordering your new large round or extra-large white tablecloth. The shape of your tablecloth also depends on the type of table. You must measure the width and height for a rectangular table and decide how long you want the tablecloth to hang. Then add twice the desired drop at each side.

If you need a little help taking the measurements, we’ve included a handy measuring guide on our website.

Use our online ordering tool to place your order quickly and easily. Alternatively, contact us directly.

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