Made to measure round bed cotton sateen fitted sheet

Round fitted sheet-Sage
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Cotton sateen fitted sheet (round)
Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet (round)
Cotton Sateen Pillowcase


Elegant round bed fitted sheet exclusively produced with high quality 100% cotton fabric; woven, dyed and finished in northern Italy.

How to order

Please enter exact mattress size (diameter and depth) only.

  • Fabric: 100% cotton sateen.
  • Size: Any size available.
  • Machine washable: at 40 °C.
  • Additional items available: Pillowcase(s).
  • The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around for a better fit.
This product contains
  • 1 x Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet (round)

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This colour supports XL size

Round fitted sheet-Sage

Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet (round)

Please enter diameter and mattress depth only
Diameter cm
Mattress depth cm

Cotton Sateen Pillowcase


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