Damask Tablecloths - cotton or linen

White, in pastels or warm colours, no matter the colour, Damask or Jacquard tablecloths are always a symbol of elegance, refinement and good taste, a must for every household to add this extra touch. Originally from Belgium, where damask fabrics were produced, tablecloths from this type of fabric were first known to be used in the XVI century, becoming very popular in the 17th and 18th century in many aristocratic households.

Nowadays a Damask tablecloth is still a symbol of good taste, regardless of the colour chosen, however the most classic is made of pure cotton with white decorations on a matt fabric creating a contrast with a very nice optical effect.

Although the above mentioned tablecloth is by far the most classic, there are also other colours available with the same aforesaid characteristic contrast of the shining and matt fabric in pastels and more warm colours.

It is not only the elegance which makes a Damask tablecloth one of the most preferred tablecloths used in every day households, good restaurants and by catering services, but also its practicality and durable quality.

Because of these characteristics this kind of table cloths can be easily found in hotels and restaurants today due to a particular manufacturing process which treats the fabric in such a way that liquids cannot be absorbed by its fibers and last longer.

Made To Measure Damask Tablecloth

We at Custom Bedding understand how important it is for our customers to have the opportunity to order made to measure products which reflect their personal tastes instead of restricting them in buying ready made items. This is the reason we have created the opportunity to design your own made to measure products for instance duvet covers and fine tablecloths like Damask by choosing your own colour (combination) and size. Most important is not only combining fabric designs but also customising your size!

Being able to determine the size of your damask tablecloth is a privilege which only we at Custom Bedding are able to offer our customers, because we understand the limits of producing items with only standard sizes and therefore offer our customers the possibility of creating their own damask tablecloth made from extra wide width fabrics by indicating the exact measurements.

In this way we can offer our customers exactly what they are looking for in terms of quality, elegance and satisfaction.

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