Measuring Guide

ALETTA SMIT™ HOMEWARE has assembled an extensive collection of international bedding sizes available online. To be able to provide our customers worldwide with any desired bedding size, whether it's chosen from one of our sizing charts or when specific dimensions are provided to us by you, ALL our products are made to order.

International size chart

When you visit our website we ask you to choose your location. This facilitates your visit to our website; dimensions and prices will be displayed according to your domestic preferences. Each customer is able to choose from a list of standard sizes most commonly used in his or her country. These standard sizes are of the finished product. Measurements for all products are depicted as follows:

Width X Length, or

Width X Length X (mattress) Depth for fitted sheets

Accurate measurement

We cut and sew each item to order, therefore it is very important that you provide us with accurate measurements for your duvet or mattress.

All bedding sizes written on labels and packages are approximate. Usually those dimensions are the dimensions of the unfinished product. The dimensions of the finished product, after sewing, are smaller. We advise you to actually measure your mattress and comforter/duvet, then either choose your size from our international chart or click on “custom size”.

Online price calculator for custom sizes

Through our website we provide our customers with a unique way to order customised bedding: Simply fill in the desired measurements for your bedding and the online calculator for custom sizes will directly provide you with a price for your customised bedding. You will not need to contact us to obtain quotations like with most other websites. Please note that we only manufacture bed linen for rectangular and round beds. We do not manufacture bed linen for oval beds.

Shrinkage of the fabric

Cotton is a natural fibre and as such it will suffer a certain amount of shrinkage, typically about 2-5% upon initial washing and drying cycles. When manufacturing products, we allow for such shrinkage and cut the fabric a little larger so that your linen shrinks to the correct size when you first wash it.

Measuring for a Tablecloth:

  • Measure the width of the table
  • Measure the length of the table
  • Add the desired drop for both sides of the table

For example: Your table size is 100 x 200 and the desired drop 30 cm.

Total size tablecloth is:

  Width  100 + 30 + 30 = 160 cm

  Length 200 + 30 + 30 = 260 cm

Enter the desired size of the tablecloth: 160 x 260 cm.

When manufacturing the tablecloth, we cut the fabric a little larger (about 2-5%) so that it shrinks to the correct size upon the first washings.

Measuring for a Fitted Sheet:

  • Measure surface width of the mattress (W)
  • Measure surface length of the mattress (L)
  • Measure the depth/height of the mattress (D)

To order a fitted sheet, provide us with the measurements of your mattress* only.

*When using a mattress pad or topper, add its depth to the thickness of the mattress also.

We purposely overcut our bottom fitted sheets to allow for shrinkage.


Ordering a Top Sheet:

Enter the preffered size of the sheet itself (finished product).

The top sheet you receive will be larger than the size ordered. We allow for shrinkage.

Measuring for a Duvet Cover:

  • Measure the width of your duvet (W)
  • Measure the length of your duvet (L)

Provide us with the measurements of your duvet insert only. We will make the cover to the size of your duvet.

We purposely overcut our duvet covers to allow for shrinkage.



We cannot start production on your order until we have all necessary measurements. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.


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