Made to measure tablecloths

Made to measure tablecloths: the beauty of personalised fabrics for you

Customising a product means going beyond standards, beyond ordinary: that's exactly what we did with our bespoke tablecloths.

We've thought of redirecting the quality of our fabrics towards the different needs of those who have tables of unstandardised measurements, in order to answer the needs of everyone: having a made to measure tablecloth, perfectly suited to their own table, means buying a product already perfect, that does not require any other efforts and other expenses to adapt the product to your own furniture.

Very often, especially during dinner parties, anniversaries and different celebrations, it's not easy to find bespoke tablecloths on the market. It's for this reason that we have thought to specialise ourselves in selling customised tablecloths and we are now among very few to offer this service, even online.

On our website, as you can see, we offer everyone the opportunity to buy made to measure tablecloths online by entering the desired measurements. You can choose the size of the tablecloth itself, as well as that of the napkins, which represent a small but important sign that characterises and distinguishes a quality tablecloth.

Bespoke linen tablecloths: quality tailored to your needs

Flax is a plant with a very erect stem and about a meter high, with particularly smooth leaves and white or blue flowers. The growth time is approximately three months.The plant is extracted directly from the ground to use the maximum length of the stem and roots: it is from the stem that produces the linen as raw material to be used for the realisation of the finest fabrics, such as our own linen made to measure tablecloths.

The stems undergo a series of processes to release the fibres from the gummy substance present in them, and to separate them from wood residues and seeds. But this tiring process does not end here: at this point, the fibre is ready for combing, followed by the spinning that can be dry or wet by immersing the fibre in water at 60° from which, once passed through the spinning machine, thin and regular wires are obtained.

Raw yarn, highly appreciated especially back in earlier times, can be whitened through boiling and bleaching, or it can be treated with dyes, provided they are delicate enough to not damage the linen fibre. As you can see, the process from which linen is made is long and meticulous: having made to measure linen tablecloths on your own tables means enjoying the end product of a work that is truly pure craftsmanship.

Made to measure linen tablecloths: natural, beautiful, durable

Fresh and at the same time soft and durable, bespoke linen tablecloths are the best choice for those who love stylish, comfortable fabrics and they’re even comfortable to touch as they don’t cause any allergies.

It is not by chance that we have focused on linen as the privileged main material for our fabrics: this material is the oldest among vegetable fibres, as it used to be cultivated even by Egyptians, Babylonians, Phoenicians.

Today, flax is cultivated throughout Europe with surprising results, especially in places where the summer season is arid and dry, as it favours the development of this plant and the subsequent production of fibres, highly exploited for being long, thin and soft.

Benefits associated with the purchase of linen tablecloths

There's more than one reason for choosing our made to measure linen tablecloths.

They are made of a fabric composed of 70% cellulose, so it's natural. They are solid, resistant to tearing and wear, and they hardly lose shape because the fabric is tensely rigid.

Our made to measure linen tablecloths possess anti-static properties, absorb moisture and are therefore ideal to use during meals, are hygienic and wash and dry quickly.

Online sale of custom-made linen tablecloths

If, over time, we have been able to achieve, with our online bespoke tablecloth service, great success among consumers and fans of high value and high quality fabrics, the reason is all due to the quality of our made to measure tablecloths.

In fact, we have been thinking of placing ourselves on the online market, which can offer consumers the opportunity to purchase fabrics directly and comfortably from their homes, without compromising on or detracting from the quality and craftsmanship of our made to measure tablecloths.

Made to measure round tablecloths

It's a well-known fact how difficult it is to find bespoke round tablecloths: tables, nowadays, are almost all rectangular and extensible.

Many find it hard to resist to the beauty and charm of a round table. And it is to these people that we have decided to reserve our high-end products, offering them the opportunity to enrich their tables with our beautiful made to measure round tablecloths.

The harmony of the shapes embraces quality, a perfect combination, a symbiosis that is really difficult to obtain, but not with us, always caring to offer a custom product that goes beyond the standards that characterise the textile industry of our times.

Made to measure damask tablecloths

Among our series of excellent products you'll find made to measure damask tablecloths.

This type of cotton is produced with a very special and peculiar process that offers the fabric an extraordinary finishing. The elaboration of these masterpieces is entrusted to manufacturing companies that focus on the careful the selection of high quality materials, while also adopting meticulous and scrupulous processing techniques.

This is what differentiates our fabrics from those sold by other companies.

Too often damask is imitated; too often there is a massive production of tablecloths in fake damask: we, however, as a way to prove our confidence in the quality of our fabrics, offer custom-made damask tablecloths, thus original products of the finest manufacture, customised and tested directly on any surface.

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